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1. Adopting the Enemy's Tactic

Ukraine has now begun recruiting from prisons — a practice which, until now, has been uniquely Russian.

Tags: war in ukraine, mobilization, draft
2. The Roof Will Be Yellow and Blue Again

A man painted "No to War" on his car and his roof in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, but was investigated for "terrorism."

Tags: police, political repression, war in ukraine, rural, dissent
3. Brothers by Blood, if Nothing Else

The Independent journal People of Baikal profiled the Batrakov brothers: one who's stateside, the other on the front lines of Ukraine.

Tags: war in ukraine, orphans, social issues
4. Innocent Until Drafted

Russia is now recruiting criminal suspects into the military.

Tags: draft, prison, military, war in ukraine, crime
5. Where Did The Blankets Go?

Nearly 200 tons of old blankets were sent to Ukraine via the Russian Post. But many have disappeared, and their recipient is elusive.

Tags: social media, government, war in ukraine, blankets, russian post
6. Victory (Kinda) on Display

Russian diplomats recently perused a display of captured Western equipment brought from Ukraine to Moscow.

Tags: international relations, military, war in ukraine
7. Russia Goes After Kharkiv, Again

Russia attempted to break the Ukrainian line of defense in Kharkiv. Five villages were captured and over 1,700 were evacuated.

Tags: military, Ukrainian Armed Forces, news, Kharkiv, war in ukraine
8. Returning Home to Kill

More than 100 persons have been killed by returning Russian soldiers since the beginning of Russia's War on Ukraine.

Tags: crime, domestic violence, murder, prisoners, war in ukraine
9. The Registration Lady Can't be Stopped

Despite fines and threats, a Kaluga activist continues to help migrants access benefits in Russia.

Tags: censorship, war in ukraine, draft, social issues, migrants, immigration
10. From the Club to Ukraine?

A Tatarstan deputy proposed drafting nightclub attendees throughout Russia every Friday.

Tags: 1919, tatarstan, nightlife, mobilization, draft, war in ukraine

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 331

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