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25 September 2017

  The world’s biggest country, in a magazine. Since 1956.


Russian Life

Russia is an ever-changing reality. To keep in touch with what is going on in the world's largest country – in travel, politics, business, culture or literature, you need to constantly have your finger on the country's pulse. Sure, online media are great, but if what you seek is perspective and depth, then you need Russian Life and Chtenia.

Russian Life magazine

Russian Life has existed as a print magazine since October 1956 (originally called USSR, then Soviet Life, it was renamed in 1993 – more history here), and has been published independent of Russian government involvement since 1995. Since 2008, the award-winning magazine has also offered electronic subscriptions. It is available for Kindle, and via iOS and Android apps.

No matter how you subscribe, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Russian Life








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Chtenia: Readings from Russia

If what you are after is longer-form readings, fiction and memoirs (in short, a literary journal), then Chtenia is your ticket. Chtenia is the only regularly published journal of Russian literature and non-fiction in English translation, and each issue is a collector's edition of lost, little-known, and much-treasured readings. Founded in 2008, Chtenia is now in its ninth year of publication. Click on over and check out some of the content of past issues to get an idea what we have been doing.

Chtenia is available only in print.

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