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1. Roskomnadzor Casts Vanishing Spell on Fanfics

Roskomnadzor has blocked the largest Russian-language fanfiction site. 

Tags: politics, internet, literature, censorship, lgbt
2. Baikal, not Bali

The State Duma has banned Russian deputies and senators from traveling abroad without permission.

Tags: politics, russia file, law, government
3. The Post that Angered a City

The wife of a Novosibirsk legislator mocked the city on Instagram, leading to questions about her lifestyle.

Tags: corruption, france, Instagram, politics, united russia, novosibirsk
4. Teach Not Fear, But Self-Esteem

A trans woman from St. Petersburg was forced to pull her child from school because of her gender. 

Tags: trans women, politics, education, social issues, lgbt
5. Small Things Can Fix Everything

From looking for a lost cat to gathering signatures for Boris Nadezhdin, Russians find hope in their communities. 

Tags: well, community, cats, politics, interview
6. To Vote or Not to Vote?

What could an anti-war Russian do in the 2024 presidential elections?

Tags: dissent, politics, election
7. Election Rebellion: Paint It Green!

Russia's 2024 presidential elections kicked off with voters pouring green dye and ink into ballot boxes.

Tags: vladimir putin, dissent, politics, zelyonka, elections
8. "Bandit Greetings" to the Oppositionist

In Lithuania, an unidentified assailant attacked Alexei Navalny's ally with a hammer.

Tags: russia file, espionage, international relations, politics, dissent
9. "I'm Alive" a Harrowing Escape

A gay Chechen man forced to out himself on camera vanished after the video went viral in 2022. Now, he tells his story.

Tags: politics, russians abroad, police, chechnya, lgbt
10. What Russians Want

Independent sociologists have sussed out what Russians really want from their government.

Tags: russia file, dissent, politics, statistics

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 113

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