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10 December 2018

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Customer Service

While we make every effort to be innovative in our use of technology for customer service, we also put great stock in retaining a human touch. In most cases, when you call us, you will receive a live person, and we can always look up your order history by using your name, not some hard-to-find Client Identification Number. You should only get voice mail after business hours (Mon-Fri 9 am to 4 pm, Eastern Time), or if we are busy on another line. If you do, leave us a detailed message with your name, the best time to call (and your time zone), and what you are calling about, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

That said, our website is full of information about the magazine, about our history, and of course about Russia. From here you should be able to easily sort out all customer service related questions by sending us an email, or interacting with us via various social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Subscriber Questions

If you are a subscriber to our magazine, and you want to know your expiration date or customer number, simply look at the mailing label on your most recent issue of the magazine. For example:

(Note that years are expressed by just the last two digits, so this expire date is Jan/Feb 2014.)

This information is also printed on the right hand side of any subscription renewal or bill you receive from us.

If you have renewed your subscription within a month of when you received an issue in the mail, chances are that your subscription end-date may not reflect that renewal action. You should always feel free to call or email us to check on your renewal date, if a payment has been received, or if there is any problem whatsoever with your order.

Product Orders

We use different software for processing product (book, map, calendar, back issue) orders, than that used to maintain your subscription information. Thus, it is always possible we will have more than one address on file for you. Please don't assume that we have your correct address on file, just because you are a subscriber. Always provide the correct, desired shipping address with any order.

For the latest shipping information, costs and policies, visit our comprehensive web page for this information. While this information is for online orders, all the information is valid for orders sent in via the mail as well. In general, we send out mail orders within 2 business days of their receipt.