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1. Small-Town Russia and the War

Sociologists spent a month living in small-town Russia to understand how Russians feel about the war in Ukraine.

Tags: rural life, ukraine war, social issues
2. The Path to Foreign Agenthood

A grassroots organization fighting for the rights of mobilized soldiers has been declared a foreign agent.

Tags: military, ukraine war, war, dissent
3. Disability Numbers Soar

Disability numbers have seen a drastic increase since the beginning of the war. 

Tags: ukraine war, disability, healthcare
4. How War Has Affected Chernobyl Zone

Russian occupation of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone has set back the progress of the last few decades in the area.

Tags: tourism, environment, Chernobyl, ukraine war
5. Russia's War Economy

How has the war in Ukraine affected the Russian economy?

Tags: factories, economy, ukraine war
6. "Small" Acts of Protest Keep Anti-War Effort Alive

One website showcases the creativity anti-war protesters are using to express dissent while avoiding arrest.  

Tags: ukraine war, street art, graffiti
7. "I Am Horrified"

The founder of Russian tech giant Yandex publicly condemns the War on Ukraine.

Tags: russia file, dissent, ukraine war, yandex
8. Handshake Havoc

A Ukrainian tennis player's handshake snub sparks controversy at the 2023 French Open.

Tags: belarus, ukraine war, sportmanship, tennis
9. Crimean Hostages

Russian journalists discovered a secret jail for Ukrainian civilians in Crimea.

Tags: russia file, law, ukraine war, dissent
10. Zelensky's Bold Move

Zelensky proclaims May 9 "Europe Day" before the WWII anniversary.

Tags: wwii, victory day, zelensky, ukraine war

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