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1. A Regional Disparity

Authorities spent ten times more money on barrage shelters in Moscow and the Moscow Oblast than in regions bordering Ukraine.

Tags: russia file, regions, war, government
2. Baikal, not Bali

The State Duma has banned Russian deputies and senators from traveling abroad without permission.

Tags: politics, russia file, law, government
3. An Everyday Emergency

Sirens and warnings of shelling are daily occurrences in regions that border Ukraine.

Tags: regions, war, government
4. A New Record of Complaints

Russians affected by “natural changes” wrote a record number of complaints to the president.

Tags: regions, russia file, government, war, dissent
5. Where Did The Blankets Go?

Nearly 200 tons of old blankets were sent to Ukraine via the Russian Post. But many have disappeared, and their recipient is elusive.

Tags: social media, government, war in ukraine, blankets, russian post
6. Good Riddance, McDonald's

The head of a Russian consumer protections ministry expressed glee at the exit of McDonald's from Russia.

Tags: sanctions, fast food, government, rospotrebnadzor
7. Make Fairy Tales, not War

Russian authorities are spending more on the production of fantasy films than on war films, according to a recent study.

Tags: film, culture, government, cinema
8. A Psychiatric Punishment

Individuals involved in political cases are now five times more likely to be sent to psychiatric hospitals for compulsory treatment.

Tags: statistics, russia file, government, political prisoners, dissent
9. They Want to Know

Relatives of Russian prisoners of war must search for their loved ones in Ukraine.

Tags: government, russia file, war, military
10. Nationalize It

Over the past two years, 180 private companies have been taken over by the Russian state.

Tags: corruption, government, war, economy

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 111

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