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1. From Trenches to Schools

Russian soldiers returned from the war in Ukraine will give new practical courses on security and defense for schoolchildren.

Tags: children, russia file, war, government, Education
2. "Go Defend Your Homeland"

In Chechnya, law enforcement uses threats and blackmail to send LGBT persons, drug users, and "disloyal" citizens to war.

Tags: government, chechyna, russia file, war in ukraine
3. No One is Going Anywhere

The Kremlin has banned high-ranking officials from resigning during the war.

Tags: dissent, kremlin, government
4. Thank You For Your Service

Russian hypersonic rocket scientists have been accused of treason.

Tags: government, russia file, espionage, science
5. Russia is on Fire

According to Greenpeace, 5 million hectares of Russian's forests are burning.

Tags: government, russia file, wildfires, environment
6. Russia is Officially "Ruscist"

The Ukrainian Parliament has adopted a resolution that describes Russia’s current regime as "ruscism."

Tags: government, law, russia file, international relations
7. Too Free for Russia

The Russian Prosecutor General's office has declared the Free University "undesirable."

Tags: government, university, russia file, dissent
8. No Money, Only War

Russian authorities blame the "special military operation" for the disruption of infrastructural and social projects.

Tags: russia file, government, war in ukraine, economy
9. Another Political Prisoner

A court in Barnaul sentenced an independent Russian journalist for "fake news" about the Russian army.

Tags: law, journalist, government, war in ukraine, dissent
10. "Glory to Siberia," A Desecration to the Anthem?

The Kontinental Hockey League told Team Siberia to stop fans from singing "Glory to Siberia" during Russia's national anthem.

Tags: national anthem, government, law, hockey, sports

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 87

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