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1. "No One Should be Alone..."

What drives human rights defenders inside Russia today?

Tags: youth, dissent
2. Playwright and Director Sentenced

The theater director and playwright have been in pre-trial detention for over a year on charges of "justifying terrorism." Now they've been sentenced.

Tags: political prisoners, dissent, theater
3. Sewing Images

Over the past few years, Petersburgers have been noticing small pieces of fabric with skillfully made embroidery on the streets of the city.

Tags: dissent, art, city
4. Roskmomnadzor Strikes At VPNs, Again

Roskomnadzor ordered the App Store to ban four VPN services. So how will Russians evade internet restrictions?

Tags: law, roskomnadzor, apple, dissent, vpn, internet
5. The Roof Will Be Yellow and Blue Again

A man painted "No to War" on his car and his roof in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, but was investigated for "terrorism."

Tags: police, political repression, war in ukraine, rural, dissent
6. Fulbright Foreign Agents?

Now that Fulbright has been declared an "undesirable organization," what will happen with its current and former Russian researchers?

Tags: espionage, education, dissent, foreign agents, education, fulbright
7. A New Record of Complaints

Russians affected by “natural changes” wrote a record number of complaints to the president.

Tags: regions, russia file, government, war, dissent
8. Forced to Go Back to War

Hundreds of Russian soldiers who left their service without permission are being held in military units, beaten, and then forcibly sent back to the front.

Tags: russia file, law, dissent, military, war
9. The Path to Foreign Agenthood

A grassroots organization fighting for the rights of mobilized soldiers has been declared a foreign agent.

Tags: military, ukraine war, war, dissent
10. A Psychiatric Punishment

Individuals involved in political cases are now five times more likely to be sent to psychiatric hospitals for compulsory treatment.

Tags: statistics, russia file, government, political prisoners, dissent

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 167

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