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1. Let it Go, Let it Go

Russian men mobilized to fight in Russia's War on Ukraine will be able to freeze and store their sperm for free.

Tags: war in ukraine, health care, medicine
2. The Story of a Friendship

Tender and natural bonds can develop between strangers brought together by misfortune.

Tags: mental illness, friendship, family, health care
3. She Fought to the Death

Dubbed the “Mother Teresa of Dagestan,” Aishat Magomedova wanted something very simple: to give the women of Dagestan access to quality health care. Apparently, she did too good a job.

Tags: islam, health care, Dagestan
4. Trading COVID for a Car

Thankful for the care they received while ill, one citizen gladly gives away their wheels for the greater good. 

Tags: medicine, healthcare, health care, Vladivostok, covid 19, COVID, trucks, cars
5. Did You Hear About This One?

Moscow doctors successfully perform a tiny surgery on a tiny bone that has a huge impact on your hearing. 

Tags: healthcare, health care, health, medicine, Moscow
6. Thanks, Doc

Moscovites are thanking medical professionals during the Coronavirus pandemic the best way they know how to: colorful Metro trains.

Tags: health care, Moscow, coronavirus, metro
7. The Year of the Crown

As the коронавирусная пандемия (the coronavirus pandemic) still affects just about every aspect of our lives, it has, of course, been changing the way we speak.

Tags: coronavirus, language, health care, health
8. The Bogeyman

When it comes to bogeymen, China, Cuba, even North Korea can't hold a candle to old Mother Russia. This week, as tempers flared and theatrical protests abounded around health care, a woman offered this irrational take on proposed reforms at a town hall meeting ...

Tags: health care, russia, cold war
By Paul E. Richardson

Displaying: 1 - 8 of 8

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