September/October 2001

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The Genius of Shostakovich

No musician in the 20th century has been more judged for what he wrote--versus what he composed or performed--than Shostakovich. We asked one of the participants in the controversy surrounding the prolific composer's biography to fill us in.

100 Young Russians to Watch

This is the fifth in our series: 100 Young Russians to Watch. In this issue we present another 10 individuals from around Russia—artists, entrepreneurs, athletes and even a publisher ... all personifications of Russia’s future.

In the Footsteps of Andrei Rublyov

Andronikov Monastery in Moscow was long the capital's easternmost outpost, a fortress erected at the end of the Tatar Yoke. Editor Mikhail Ivanov takes a trip down memory lane, which just happens to lead past this beautiful monument.

Bringing up Vanya Smith

Thousands of Russian-American marriages in the past few years have an inevitable outcome: children. These mixed-culture families face a set of unique challenges. Lynn Visson, who has been interviewing Russian-American spouses for over a decade, offers a look at what it means to grow up half-Russian, half-American.

Steeped in Tradition

Some may think that vodka is Russia's national drink, but the truth is that Russians can live without vodka, but they cannot survive without tea. In fact, there are few places on earth where more tea is consumed per capita than Russia. We take a look at the origins of this obsession, from samovars to tea with jam to torts and pryaniki. You'll be brewing a cup yourself before you finish.

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