January/February 2012

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The Soviet Faust

A history of Leon Theremin, inventor of electronic music and the instrument which bears his name.

Winter Wonderland

Turning Sochi into an Olympic city is a Herculean task. Environmentalists, local residents and bookkeepers are all wary. And then there is Georgia, just a few kilometers away.

Lyubov Orlova

She was the Soviet Union’s first star of the Silver Screen – talented, beautiful, and exuding confidence and optimism. Yet behind this public image was another woman entirely.

Heart of the Matter

A look inside the Russian health care system, as we accompany a group of American doctors in Russia during their multi-year exchange and training program.

The New Russian Philanthrophy

Several Russian billionaires are using their sudden wealth to underwrite education, literature, art and science. So why aren’t average Russians following their example?

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