Dec/Jan 1998

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Ringing in the New Year

New Year's is Russia's best celebrated national holiday. We look at the traditions, old and new, surrounding this annual event.

Why Christmas Toys are Us

The yolka is the centerpiece of Russians' Christmas and New Year's celebrations. And the toys that decorate the yolka have an unusual power.

Uninvited Guests

Caucasian minorities face scorn, discrimination and crime in Russia's capital, a sorry legacy of socialism and the fraying edges of an empire gone bust.

Out of Siberia

Vasily Surikov's flash of creative genius lasted less than a decade. But his paintings have become cherished icons for old Russian traditions.

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  • Editorial

    The Year of the Tiger

    Since this summer, Russia has been initiating a much more pragmatic, multilateral, innovative foreign policy. Long gone are the days when ideology and the politics of superpower brinksmanship set Russia’s foreign policy. 

  • 8
    Note Book


    All the news that fits from all across Russia.

  • 14
    Survival Russian

    Here's to you and us ...

    A whole column full of great Russian toasts.

  • 17


    Medieval monasteries and a storied past has made a tourist's mecca of Suzdal, one of Russia's oldest, and best-preserved towns.

  • 27
    Russian Calendar

    Russia's Political Tool

    December 20, 1997 is the 80th anniversary of the KGB. We look back at the sordid history of this nefarious institution.

  • 29

    A Legend Returns

    Associate editor Anna Hoare caught up with hockey superstar Sergei Fyodorov to get his views on Russian and American hockey and his future plans.

  • 36
    Photo Feature


    Sergei Kaptilkin captured these haunting and human black and white images while posted as a war photographer in the first Chechnya war.

  • 43

    A Salad For All Tastes

    Vinaigrette is the one Russian salad for which there is no definite recipe...

  • 48
    Post Script

    For the Love of Tennis!

    The social dimensions of tennis in Russia today.

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