January 01, 1998

Here's to you and us ...

Here's to you and us ...

Toasting is essential to socializing in Russia. If you are good at it, then you are almost guaranteed to win attention and respect. So it will pay off at least to be familiar with Russian toasting manners. This piece of Russian poetry makes for a good introduction to the etiquette and ceremony of drinking:

Для пьянства есть такие поводы:
Поминки, праздник, встреча, проводы,
Кристины, свадьба и развод,
Мороз, охота, Новый Год,
Выздоровленье, новоселье,
Печаль, раскаянье, веселье,
Успех, награда, новый чин
И просто пьянство – БЕЗ ПРИЧИН!

Pretexts are different for drinking
Feats, funerals, new kids, a sinking
New meetings, weddings and divorce
Hard frosts, New Year’s, deep remorse

Recovering, repentance, joy
Success, rewarding, a new toy,
Promotion, friendship, a good whit

And, drinking for the sake of it

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