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1. Competing for College Spots

Russian college admissions are growing more and more competitive.

Tags: moscow state university, higher education, university
2. The End of the Bachelor's Degree

Russian universities are restructuring higher education, creating more distance between Russian and international academia. 

Tags: university, foreign relations, higher education
3. Fired for Fighting Ruscism

A Russian university fired a professor for his anti-war remarks.

Tags: ruscist, fired, higher education, university, st petersburg
4. Too Free for Russia

The Russian Prosecutor General's office has declared the Free University "undesirable."

Tags: government, university, russia file, dissent
5. A Victory for Higher Education

American University Kyiv is partnering with Arizona State University to provide Ukrainians higher education amid times of war. 

Tags: war in ukraine, Ukrainians, education, university
6. Snow More!

In an unusual turn of events, students in Chelyabinsk protest for more snow in the upcoming year.

Tags: protest, snow, climate change, student, university, Chelyabinsk, weather
7. Students to Sue

A group of students from Moscow State University is working on suing the university for a partial refund.

Tags: COVID, coronavirus, university, Moscow
8. Expiring Diplomas

"Today, this absurdity is the rule. Who told you that [a graduate] has not forgotten 95 percent of what he actually studied there?"

– Dmitry Peskov, suggesting the idea of instituting an expiration date for university diplomas
Tags: university
9. Next on your Summer Reading List: Putin

If Russia has its way, German history students could be reading a new article by none other than the president himself.

Tags: putin, university, education, germany, Victory Day, history
10. Game On, Coronavirus

One of Russia's top universities goes online, via Minecraft.

Tags: university, Moscow, coronavirus, education, computers, technology, media

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