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1. New Leonardos at the Hermitage?

An exhibit backed by a close associate of the Kremlin claims, erroneously, to show paintings newly attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. 

Tags: fraud, kremlin, hermitage
2. No One is Going Anywhere

The Kremlin has banned high-ranking officials from resigning during the war.

Tags: dissent, kremlin, government
3. Grappling Hooks

We must grapple with some difficult contradictions.

Tags: kremlin, putin, dissent, russia
4. Defector Reveals Kremlin Paranoia

A defector offers insights into the daily life and paranoia of Russia's president.

Tags: Kremlin, Putin
5. Bulldogs under the Kremlin Rugs

As we said at the outset, Russia lost this war the day it began. But where are we now?

Tags: siloviki, kremlin, putin, war
6. Sanctioning Romance

Alina Kabaeva, Vladimir Putin's alleged romantic partner, has been sanctioned by the US Treasury. 

Tags: kremlin, romance, war in ukraine, vladimir putin
7. Is Putin Ailing?

As rumors arise about President Putin's health, we take stock.

Tags: putin, kremlin, health
8. 10 Things About Moscow at the End of 2021 (With Pictures!)

Despite the pandemic (and a bad reputation for a distinctly Russian grimace), it’s not all sad faces in Moscow at the end of 2021.

Tags: kremlin, street art, contemporary art, cats, christmas, architecture, travel blog, travel, moscow
9. Kremlin Finally Gets Around to Clearing Out Old Basement

Archaeologists have just completed digging through layers of cultural strata in the middle of the Kremlin, unearthing some interesting finds they totally forgot were down there.

Tags: art, culture, Moscow, kremlin, history, archaeology
10. Not Fit for the Kremlin

“I also don’t know that they would be able to work in the President’s administration. I do not think there is a division in the administration that deals with sports nutrition.”

– Press Secretary to the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov
Tags: dmitriy peskov, peskov, kremlin, sergei skripal, skripal, spies

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 27

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