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11. Zenly Down the Road

For all the romanticism commonly associated with world travel, the brutal reality is that it is often a very un-romantic undertaking to move the meat that is our bodies around in the world.

Tags: travel, humor, children of 1917, health
By Paul E. Richardson
12. A One Act Play in Nine Scenes

Any good expedition has its lighter moments. We have collected nine such scenes from recent days into a one-act play for your enjoyment.

Tags: travel, humor, children of 1917, health
By Paul E. Richardson
13. Making a Meme

The Zhdun meme took Russia by storm this winter. We investigate.

Tags: art, humor
14. 13 Crazes Proving Putinmania Is Here to Stay

Join with us in a celebration of 13 inspired displays of Putinalia (not as nasty as it sounds) that Russia has gifted to the world.

    Tags: Putin, politics, culture, humor
    By Alice E.M. Underwood
    15. A Survey of Russian Humor (and it rhymes!)

    There's plenty of talk about how Russia is dark and dismal, its writers pathologically depressed, and the general mood among the populace about as cheery as a Siberian winter. These stereotypes give short shrift to Russian humor...

    Tags: poetry, humor, literature, Oleinikov, Khlebnikov, Boroditskaya, Prigov, satire
    By Alice E.M. Underwood
    16. Why Don't Russians Smile?

    It is a common trope that Russians never smile. Which of course is interpreted to mean they are unfriendly, gloomy, sullen – positively Dostoyevskian. This, of course, is a complete misreading of body language and cultural norms.

    Tags: culture, language, communication, humor
    17. 9 Crazy Things Russian Lawmakers Have Tried to Ban

    Some Russian legislators have an unwavering faith in the ability of laws to rid society of all its evils. Noise? Bad news? The stench of garlic? The end of the world? No problem - just ban 'em all!

    Tags: russia, laws, humor
    By Eugenia Sokolskaya
    18. RuNet: The Silly and the Serious

    Scenery, stereotypes, satire, and politics – all in a day's work for RuNet! Join us to learn about Russians arrested for riding bears, all manner of vodka infractions, and a tiny bit of election talk.

    Tags: russia, photography, scenery, photographs, satire, internet, runet, Russians, humor, politics, elections, voting, voting
    By Eugenia Sokolskaya
    19. Checking in with Russian Bloggers

    What has the Russian side of the internet been up to lately? Enjoying nature, getting a new angle on familiar things, and going at everything with a healthy sense of humor.

    Tags: russia, internet, humor, language, nature, Instagram, russian architecture, photographs, photography, blog
    By Eugenia Sokolskaya
    20. Masha Tattered Rags

    One hundred and fifty years ago, Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin offered a humorous critique of the state of Russian literature in the 1860s. He also wrote some parody "dreadful stories," one of which is translated and reproduced here.

    Tags: literature, humor
    By Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin

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