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Koryak Cultural Loss
March 01, 2013

Koryak Cultural Loss

By Jonathan Reisman

At the furthest edge of the Russian Far East, in a quiet bay near the very top of the Kamchatka Peninsula, a tiny community of Koryaks struggles with the loss of its traditional culture.

The Ice Has Broken
March 01, 2012

The Ice Has Broken

By Nikolai Gernet

As the old saying has it, you can never tire of watching fire, water and other people working. Northerners would also add that you can look endlessly at ice drifting down a river.

Crossing Kolyma
November 01, 2011

Crossing Kolyma

By Mikael Strandberg

It’s not your average traveler who chooses to traverse remote Kolyma through the depth of a Siberian winter. But then Mikael Strandberg is no average traveler.

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