August 24, 2017

Scenes from the Road

Scenes from the Road

It takes time to get places, and so, in the intervals between, the three members of the Children of Russia team are often found to be working... and not infrequently napping.

Not all the pictures are flattering, but then life is not always flattering, is it?

One team member who has been with us all the way, but who deserves special mention here, is corporate sponsor Raiffeisen Bank. They stepped in this spring to provide invaluable financial support to the project that helped us meet our fundraising goal, making this summer's trips possible. And so we have felt a surge of partner-pride each time we have stumbled across their branches in the different cities we have visited, from Moscow and Samara, to Krasnoyarsk and Irkutsk. Therefore, we decided that, when we hit the easternmost Russian city for this project, we would pose together outside one of their offices. While we were unsuccessful in our attempt to get a local hound to pose with us, at least a local pigeon did not fail us. (It is the last photo in the series below.)

After that, we went back to work (though, truth be told, one of us napped).

{All photos by Mikhail Mordasov, except where he is found to be napping... Click on any photo to see a slideshow of them all.}

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