Published September 01, 2009

Life Stories: Original Fiction By Russian Authors

Life Stories: Original Fiction By Russian Authors


This is a wonderful collection of original works by 19 leading Russian writers. They are life-affirming stories of love, family, hope, rebirth, mystery and imagination.

A novelist catches up with his future... a president is under house arrest after setting off a nuclear war... an off-planet skipper leads a hunt for a mysterious life-giving creature... a single mother protects her disabled son... a man finds serenity in his vacation-emptied city... a woman looks for love in silence... a thunderstorm turns lives upside down... an oligarch makes a unexpected career change... a detective solves a murder and doesn’t like what he finds... a family copes with Russia’s medieval future... a traveler grapples with Pushkin’s killer... a disaffected son mourns his mother...

Masterfully translated by some of the best Russian-English translators working today, these tales reassert the power of Russian literature to affect readers of all cultures in profound and lasting ways.

Best of all, 100% of the profits from the sale of this book are going to benefit Russian hospice—not-for-profit care for fellow human beings who are nearing the end of their own life stories.


Professional Reviews

"Only once in a great while does such a rich collection of stories appear – so many voices, moods, temperaments, takes. Life Stories lives up to its title: it's a life-enhancing compendium, full of variety and color, humor, sadness, and – in the best Russian tradition – wisdom."

– Jay Parini, author of The Last Station

The Life Stories collection is a nice introduction to contemporary Russian fiction: many of its authors have won major Russian literary prizes and/or become bestsellers.

– Lisa Hayden Espenschade, Lizok's Bookshelf

Reader Reviews

This book comprises the works of 19 of Russia's foremost writers, including Victor Pelevin, Vladimir Sorokin and more. As the title suggests, all the stories are about life: hope, love, pain ... One of the more heart-rendering stories is of a single mother coping with her physically impaired son. There is much sadness in this collection, but there is humor and joy too, and all presented in the rich Russian tradition. It's a great way to discover Russian writers of today. A gem, not to be missed! {Erma Odrach / Amazon}

About the Authors

The authors included in this fine collection are: Vladimir Voynovich, Andrey Gelasimov, Boris Grebenshchikov, Yevgeny Grishkovets, Victor Yerofeyev, Alexander Kabakov, Eduard Limonov, Dmitry Lipskerov, Sergey Lukyanenko, Vladimir Makanin, Marina Moskvina, Victor Pelevin, Lyudmila Petrushevskaya, Zakhar Prilepin, Dina Rubina, Dunya Smirnova, Vladimir Sorokin, Alexander Khurgin and Leonid Yuzefovich.

About the Translators

The translators who gave of their time and talent are: Alexei Bayer, Michele Berdy, Liv Bliss, Lise Brody, Nora Favorov, Anne O. Fisher, Deborah Hoffman, Marcia Karp, Michael Katz, Peter Morley, Susanna Nazarova, Anna Razumnaya-Seluyanova, Paul E. Richardson, Marian Schwartz, Bela Shayevich and Nina Shevchuk.

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