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1. Cross with Care, without Bluetooth

Student researchers in Russia are working to create technology that would disrupt Bluetooth devices at train crossings.

Tags: transportation, train, technology
2. Drones in the Classroom, in the Name of the Motherland

Russian schoolchildren will learn to operate drones in courses designed to teach "life-safety."

Tags: technology, education, schools, drones
3. Under the All-Seeing Eye

The extent of Russia's surveillance may surprise you — and it's only getting more invasive.

Tags: dissent, technology, human rights, surveillance
4. They Are Listening to You

The Moscow Health Department is putting listening devices in doctors' offices.

Tags: russia file, government, Moscow, technology
5. A QR Crackdown

Moscow bans QR codes on billboards in response to the Russian political opposition.

Tags: law, advertisement, technology, navalny
6. First Russian Smartphone

There's something strange about Russia's first-ever smartphone.

Tags: cell phone, technology, sanction, china, smartphone
7. No Money, No AI

Russia has reduced its funding of AI technologies and IT professionals are fleeing the country in droves.

Tags: sanction, economy, technology, government
8. Online Inroads

Putin opened a new highway in Yekaterinburg Oblast, remotely.

Tags: politics, technology, putin, transport
9. Give me Your Data... or Your Rubles

Three American tech leaders, Tinder, Whatsapp, and Snapchat, are being sued in a Russian court. 

Tags: Instagram, law, court, Facebook, technology
10. The Not-too-Mighty Russian Armed Forces

It's been four months, and Ukraine is still standing. The front lines have hardly moved in ten weeks. Is this the Russian army everyone so feared?

Tags: technology, war in ukraine, military

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 51

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