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1. Reimbursing the Evicted

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to pay Ukrainian refugees in Russia monthly and one-time payments.

Tags: social issues, government, evacuation, refugees, war in ukraine
2. Facts and Figures from the War: Ukrainian Refugees

A roundup of some facts and figures from a survey conducted by the United Nations' refugee agency (UNHCR) regarding Ukrainian refugees. 

Tags: statistics, facts, refugees, war in ukraine, Ukrainians
3. Facts and Figures From the War: Losses and Ukrainian Refugees

A round-up of some facts and figures regarding fleeing civilians and lost material from the Russian war on Ukraine. 

Tags: refugees, russian military, military, vladimir putin, war in ukraine, Ukraine
4. Refugees Aboard the Volendam

A well-known cruise line has offered one of its ships to aid the humanitarian effort for Ukraine. 

Tags: human rights, refugees, war in ukraine, Ukraine
5. Annihilating Mariupol: When is it a War Crime?

At least eighty percent of Mariupol has been destroyed or damaged. An account of what has happened in the city through the eyes of two refugees – Alla, 87 years old, and Denis Hulai, 24 – both of whom managed to escape with their families.

Tags: russian military, ukraine, refugees, evacuation, tragedy, mariupol, war in ukraine, war
6. London Rallies for Ukraine

"The future of Ukraine will not be decided by Putin but by the people of Ukraine. It should not be decided by force but by freedom." 

– Mayor of London Sadiq Khan at 'London Stands With Ukraine' Rally
Tags: protest, London, refugees, Ukraine
7. Celebrities Standing With Ukraine

Celebrity couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are being praised for raising over $35 million for Ukrainian refugees. 

Tags: celebrities, refugees, vladimir putin, war in ukraine, Ukraine
8. Ukrainians Liberate a Mansion

"This property has been liberated."

– A banner hanging from a Russian oligarch's mansion taken over by Ukrainian Refugees
Tags: sanctions, refugees, united kingdom, Ukraine
9. Can a Martian invasion fix Russia-Europe relations?

It's a busy week for technology, what with a Mars lander, more secure Internet, electric cars (in unlikely places), and enough counterfeit money to fill an ATM.

Tags: Russia, technology, Mars, security, refugees
By Alice E.M. Underwood

Displaying: 1 - 9 of 9

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