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1. The Least of These

A paramilitary summer camp along the Volga gets the indoctrination started early.

Tags: propaganda, children, camp
2. Integration through Education?

Russian President Putin stressed the importance of education in regions newly annexed from Ukraine. But is there a more sinister motive at play?

Tags: propaganda, education, war in ukraine
3. "Where Is Polina Gagarina?": A Show with No Stars

A pro-war concert promised great stars on the stage, but instead had only ultranationalist poets.

Tags: politics, war in ukraine, propaganda, russian music, Polina Gagarina
4. Setting a Course for "Statehood"

Russian education authorities are working on a new course for students on the "fundamentals of Russian statehood." But what does that mean?

Tags: ideology, propaganda, education
5. Protection From Propaganda: a Back-to-School Essential

On September 1, children returned to school in Russia. How are parents dealing with propaganda in schools' curricula?

Tags: September 1, propaganda, war in ukraine, children, education
6. Object Lessons

How students and teachers are reacting to new patriotism injections in school curricula.

Tags: youth, students, schools, propaganda, education
7. Latvia Opens Its Umbrella

Latvia annulled the Russian news network TV Rain's broadcasting license due to pro-Russian government narratives.

Tags: war in ukraine, propaganda, russian media, latvia
8. What Is Born from Fire

Russian singer Monetochka released a music video on YouTube criticizing pro-government propaganda on television.

Tags: dissent, war in ukraine, propaganda, russian music, Monetochka
9. Time to Move?

An English-language video released by the Russian embassy in Madrid lists reasons why Westerners should pack up their things and move in.

Tags: Internet, video, propaganda
10. Somewhere Between Classic Rock and Jazz

Pro-Russian hackers took over a major Ukrainian radio station to broadcast rumors regarding President Zelensky's health.

Tags: war in ukraine, news, propaganda, radio

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 17

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