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21 September 2017

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Uchites is the Russian language learning supplement to Russian Life magazine. Begun with support from the Russkiy Mir Foundation, its intent is to tie language learning exercises and readings into material that is published in each issue of the magazine. As each issue is published, a PDF copy of the Uchites supplement will be posted here, so that teachers can easily print out extra copies for students. Or so students can mark up these copies of Uchites, rather than their copies of Russian Life.

If you have comments or feedback on the Uchites supplements (for example, how you are using them, corrections, etc.), please send us a comment and we will post them on this page, to share with other teachers.

Audio Recordings
If you have Flash on your computer, you should be able to listen to the stories by pressing the arrow icons. You can also use the "download" link to play the file in your browser or the media player of your choice (left-click to play in your browser; right-click to save file to your desktop, then import to iTunes or other).
Uchites 07
Lev Tolstoy: "The Pit" download
Lev Tolstoy: "The Squirrel and the Wolf" download
Lev Tolstoy: "The Tsar and the Shirt" download
Uchites 08
Sergei Yesenin: "Letter to Mother" download
Sergei Yesenin: "Goodbye" download
Uchites 09
Description of a Repin painting download
Uchites 10
Akhmatova: Szhala ruki download
Akhmatova: Dvadsat pervoe download
Uchites 11
Part One: Sentences download
Uchites 12
Rimma Kazakova poem download
Uchites 14
Amphibian Man download
Uchites 15
Sochi 2012 download
Sochi 2012 (language learning) download
Uchites 17  
  Watch and listen to the interview on YouTube link
  Watch and listen to "When Your Girlfriend Was Sick" link
Uchites 18  
Catherine the Great download
Uchites 21  
Old Fable download
Man and Tiger download
Uchites 24  
Turgenev, "First Love" download
Uchites 26  
Did Mendeleyev invent vodka? download
Uchites 30  
YouTube Audio of Lermontov Poem