November/December 2008

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    Better than Coffee?

    From the editor

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    Letters to the Editor

    Readers comment and correct.

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    Note Book

    Post-Soviet Dominoes?

    After the Georgia War, Russia-watchers are wondering who will be next. All eyes have turned to Ukraine. The location of ethnic Russian populations in "near abroad" states is considered...

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    Note Book


    All the news that fits from all across Russia.

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    Travel Notes

    Travel Notes

    The latest from the travel front.

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    Russian Calendar

    Being Turgenev

    Ivan Turgenev is seen differently in the West versus in Russia. In Russia, his prose is often clouded by his "social concern" and the drowning of a puppy.

  • Russian Calendar

    On this day in Russian history

    On this day in Russian history

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    Russian Calendar

    New Year's: From Pagan to Present

    A consideration of the roots of Russia's modern three week binge between Western Christmas and Russian Old New Year...

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    Russian Calendar

    The Tehran Conference

    In the dark and cold days of late November and early December 1943, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt met in Tehran to begin dividing up the post-war world. Translator Valentin Berezhkov was caught in the middle.

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    Survival Russian

    Mauvaix phone

    Cell phones have introduced some new and challenging lingo to the Russian lexicon.

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    Ballet Bastion

    St. Petersburg’s Vaganova Ballet School is the world’s oldest and purest classical dance training ground.?It is also a secretive, conservative bastion, protecting classical traditions in a world of change.

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    Into the Wild

    The Pazhetnov family saves bears. They have been doing it for years, raising cubs and releasing them back into the wild. This fall, Editor Maria Antonova went along for the ride.

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    Underground Novelist

    Dmitry Glukhovsky is a rising young Russian writer, savvy to the ways of marketing and self-promotion. He also has a canny sense for tapping into an important aspect of the Russian psyche.

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    Higher than the Angels

    “Roofing”?in St. Petersburg has become a mass phenomenon. Join us on an exploration of the Northern Capital from above.

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    Imagining the Enemy

    Where we consider how Russians have been portrayed in American film over the past century – from Marlene Dietrich to Sean Connery. It turns out this may tell us more about America than about Russia.

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    Proletarian Delights

    "Raw beets and carrots," Ninotcha said in the eponymous film, when asked what she wants to eat. "This is a restaurant, not a pasture," the maitre de responds. What an appropriate segue into this issue's recipe for a tasty beet and carrot salad...

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    Under Review

    Capitals, Oligarchs and Cats

    A review of a new book on the Silver Age, another on a Potato Oligarch, and two children's books, including one about a cat...

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    Post Script

    Before the Fall

    Natalia Strelkova was an American living in Moscow in the late 1960s... this is the story of her run-in with our magazine's predecessor, Soviet Life.

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