May/June 2016

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    Staying Unpredictable

    The best trips are those that are unpredictable, that defy expectations and surprise you.

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    Note Book

    Dangerous History

    The study of history in Russia has become increasingly dangerous for anyone who fails to stick to official narratives.

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    Note Book

    Note Book

    All the news that fits.

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    Travel Notes

    Everything noteworthy on the travel front.

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    Refuge in Science

    There is a flourishing field that defies the current sour public mood and is attracting ever increasing crowds of young people: education.

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    An Unlikely Tsar

    Vasily Ivanovich Shuysky is generally treated as a minor figure in the history of the Time of Troubles, which is not just.

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    Breathing Foreign Air

    20 years ago this month, Soviets were first granted rights to unfettered foreign travel.

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    Survival Russian

    Watch Your Tongue

    A short primer on some useful and not so acceptable bits of prison jargon.

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    Language Learning

    At the Dacha

    A family's summer vacation in the country is disturbed by a mysterious letter.

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    The Man with the Monocle

    This May is the 125th birthday of one of the greatest of Russian writers. Unfortunately, he saw little of his fame during his lifetime.

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    Hunting the Kola Super Deep Borehole

    Last fall, Russian Life editor Paul Richardson and photojournalist Mikhail Mordasov set off on a Kickstarter-funded, month-long, 6,000-kilometer road trip between Russia’s northern and southern borders.

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    The Legend's Grandson

    It can't be easy to make a mark in a sport where your grandfather long ago made your family name legendary, but Victor Tikhonov is giving it a snapshot.

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    The Master of Olkhon

    Twenty years ago, scheduled flights halted at this distant, Siberian airfield. But that hasn't stopped Vladimir Prokopiyev and his wife Gerald from keeping the landing strip in working order.

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    The Murder of the Romanovs

    The revolt of the Czech Legionnaires along the Trans-Siberian imperiled the young Bolshevik regime. And when they became successful, their actions helped precipitate the gruesome end to the Romanov dynasty.

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    A Sumptuous Feast

    In celebration of Tsar Alexander III’s coronation in May 1883, the renowned artist Viktor Vasnetsov designed menus for a series of festive dinners.

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    Under Review

    A Librarian, An Inventor and A Painter

    Reviews of Mikhail Elizarov's The Librarian, Oleg Kashin's Fardwor, Russia and Konstantin Makovsky: The Tsar's Painter in America and Paris

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    Post Script

    Poetry Smackdown

    Maria Zakharova, Russia’s foreign ministry spokesperson, staged a poetry slam of sorts with writer Dmitry Bykov after he published a lyrical comment about the initiative announced by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu: to launch a national soccer league. This poetic exchange, however, is more about Zakharova’s verbal style than the substance of the matter.

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