January/February 2004

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May the Waters Be With You

With roots stretching back over a millennium, the Russian banya (steam bath) is stitched tightly into the fabric of the Russian soul. We asked an intrepid journalist to help us unravel the mysteries, and sent him on a tour of Moscow's finest public bani.


It was one of the most horrifying and heroic episodes of the last century. Sixty years ago this January, the 900-day Siege of Leningrad was finally broken. We take you back for a look at what daily life was like for average Leningraders.

Daily Bread

A page-long sidebar to our story on the Leningrad Siege, in which we look back at how people fed themselves during the horrific blockade.

Payback Time

Russia faces the same demographic presures as other industrialized nations: a declining workforce, rising numbers of retirees, and a desire to lower taxes. To meet the challenge, the Russian government is privatizing a part of pensions. Sort of.

Winds From the East

Russia produces some of the most talented classical musicians in the world. We profile a youthful quintet that seeks to break into the highly competitive US market -- a difficult task, even with the esteemed name of the Russian National Orchestra behind you.

The Magical World of the Russian Circus

It is the world's largest circus organization and one of its oldest. We asked a noted circus-phile to take us behind the flaps of Russia's Big Top, to look at the fascinating history of this 210-year-old institution.

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