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1. Chekhov Goes Solar

In honor of the full solar eclipse visiting us in 2 weeks, we offer a few things Anton Chekhov had to say about eclipses that passed through his life.

Tags: literature, eclipse, chekhov
2. Lessons Unlearned from Russian Literature

A primary school literature teacher was forced to resign after using Russian classics to teach students about war. 

Tags: censorship, literature, Irkutsk, tolstoy, dostoevsky
3. Dostoyevsky, The New LGBT Propaganda

An online retailer removed books by Dostoyevsky, Murakami, Wilde, Sorokin, and others under the "LGBT Propaganda" law.

Tags: law, dostoevsky, literature, censorship, lgbt
4. The George Orwell Library

A library in Ivanovo promotes intellectual growth and independent thought, offering literature from "foreign agents."

Tags: library, 1984, George orwell, literature
5. Books We Liked

Some books our reviewer liked, and their significance for lovers of all things Russian.

Tags: fiction, memoir, literature
6. The Student

How a woman from Kiev became a symbol of emancipation for her generation.

Tags: kiev, women, literature, tolstoy, st. petersburg, women
7. Unwritten Resolution

Nizhny Novgorod court shuts "LGBT Propaganda" case on local bookstore.

Tags: lgbt, teenagers, literature, censorship
8. Four Books

Some books our reviewer liked, and their significance for lovers of all things Russian.

Tags: history, ukraine, literature, poetry
9. Hymns of Praise

An excerpt from the new book, Chekhov Becomes Chekhov, by Bob Blaisdell.

Tags: literature, chekhov
10. Poems in a Piggy Bank

War births poetry. We share five recently created and translated anti-war poems.

Tags: war, literature, poetry

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 106

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