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Counting Sheep
November 01, 2016

Counting Sheep

By Ivan Kobilyakov

In which we follow scientists to the middle of Russian nowhere (so remote, rivers and valleys are unnamed), as they track the elusive and very rare Putorana snow sheep.

The Hunt
January 01, 2016

The Hunt

By Álvaro Laiz

According to an Udege proverb, “If you see a tiger for one second, he has been watching you for an hour.” And what happens if one unwittingly unleashes a tiger’s bad side? You must, the Udege believe, hunt down and kill the tiger – not an easy thing.

Why is This Cab Glowing?
September 15, 2013

Why is This Cab Glowing?

By Masha Egupova

After a deadly tsunami hit Japan in 2011, followed by the nuclear tragedy in Fukushima, the port of Vladivostok received a number of radioactive cars. Two years later, radioactive car parts are still arriving in Russia. Outrageously, Russian customs authorities have had to detain and send back to Japan over 930 radioactive cars since 2011.

Flying Free...
September 16, 2010

Flying Free...

By Paul E. Richardson

Too often the news we gather from the mainstream media about Russia is bad news, and the humor is rather acerbic and based on dark stereotypes. So it is refreshing when we receive a bit of unqualified good news, about average people doing the hard work it takes to keep a society, and our world, spinning on its axis. 

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