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Jewel on the Volga
November 01, 1996

Jewel on the Volga

By Igor Yunakovsky

Yaroslavl has always been one of Russia's most attractive and visitor-friendly cities. Now, as our writer discovers, its rich history and cultural traditions are providing the basis for a revival of its fortunes.

Arctic Paradise
July 01, 1996

Arctic Paradise

By Colleen Combes

The Solovetsky Archipelago in the far northern White Sea is an extraordinary mix. Colleen Combes braved the mosquitoes to investigate the nature phenomena, prehistoric puzzles, monastic traditions, and gulag hardships that make this remote corner of Russia so unique.

Defenders of the Soul
June 01, 1996

Defenders of the Soul

By Ivan Sergeyev

Nearly 100 years ago, some 600 families of Russia's persecuted Dukhobory sect sought, and obtained, asylum in Canada. There they have earned a reputation for diligence and tolerance of suffering. But what of the Dukhobory who stayed behind, to face persecution under Imperial and Communist rule? Ivan Sergeyev made a rare visit to their Caucasian homeland to bring back this telling story.

Life in a PO Box
April 01, 1996

Life in a PO Box

By Corin Cummings

In this modern tale of two cities, we visit a closed Russian city still getting accustomed to the new era, and a poorer town that lives in its shadow. The author's photos of the closed town, Tomsk-7, are believed to be the first of this town widely published in the West.

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