September 24, 2013

Trending on RuNet: Teleportation

Trending on RuNet: Teleportation

Chekov from the original Star Trek was "wery, wery" experienced with teleportation. But today, some real Russians here on Earth are claiming to have witnessed or experienced teleportation. And it is getting set to be a new internet meme.

The gold standard is this video of a man teleporting to Penza on his bike (take that Chekov!). It has of course been debunked around the interwebs, but it is still fun and interesting to watch.

Meanwhile, in the slightly ridiculous category there is this video that purports to be of a police or FSB detail chasing down a suspect in a bookstore, who then vanishes. You have to stick with it to near the end. 
On a par with the first video is this one caught by, you guessed it, a dashcam. Another example of deceptive camera angles, surely, and the incident seems rather macabre, but it is clearly a case of teleportation, so here you go...
This final example involves a new, Siberian style of telportation. No fancy camera tricks here, but it does show off that Russian penchant for thinking outside the box (or the scoop) that we all love so much.
There you have it, a budding meme. Be sure to share links to any other examples you find.

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