Turgenev Bilingual

  • by Ivan Turgenev

Turgenev Bilingual
  • Translated by Olga Kuzmina
  • 124 pages
  • ISBN: 9781880100530
  • $16.00
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The author of masterful short stories, plays, novellas and novels, Ivan Turgenev seemed to have a particular gift for writing about nature and about social iniquities. He also seemed to have a unique ability for attracting controversy to himself, be it because of his views (he was thrown in prison for the obituary he wrote for Gogol) or his actions (philandering, possibly plagiarism) or inaction (cowardice during a fire on a boat).

We give him our full bilingual treatment, with English and accented Russian texts running side by side on adjoining pages. It is a perfect introduction to the great author's work, in English, Russian, or both. 

Most of the text selections are short, which is excellent for language learning.



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