June 30, 2022

Russian Life Returns to Print

Russian Life Returns to Print

It's Time. Russian Life magazine's print edition is returning.

It will not be the same magazine as before the Kremlin's Ukraine War, because nothing is the same since Russia started the war. But our mission is unchanged: telling stories from Russia that others are not or cannot.

The resurrected Russian Life magazine will now be:

  • thicker (more pages per issue);
  • published quarterly instead of bimonthly;
  • redesigned from the ground up;
  • focused on the burning issues human rights, democracy, resistance to oppression, and Russia’s struggle to preserve a civil society in the face of a rising totalitarian tide;
  • anonymous – content will be published anonymously, to protect the authors.

What does all of this mean for existing subscribers? Well, if you had a year left on your subscription, you still have a year left. There will just be fewer issues per year, but more pages per issue. It will work out to essentially the same number of pages per year.

We hope you like what you see. We are proud of what we have been creating.

The Summer issue will mail in mid-July.

If you would like to support our magazine's return, subscribe or renew with the buttons below.

And thank you for your patience in these difficult times.

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