Published December 01, 2014

East of the Sun: The Epic Conquest and Tragic History of Siberia

  • by Benson Bobrick

East of the Sun: The Epic Conquest and Tragic History of Siberia
  • 450 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-880100-85-1
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The very word Siberia evokes a history and reputation as awesome as it is enthralling. In this acclaimed book on Russia’s conquest of its eastern realms, Benson Bobrick offers a story that is both rich and subtle, broad and deep. 

From its conquest by Cossacks and its exploration and settlement in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, through its terrifying Gulag history, to its modern place in a world hungry for natural resources, Siberia –covering a sixth of the world’s surface – has a history unlike any other land. East of the Sun captures all of Siberia’s history with a depth and flavor that will satisfy both well-informed historians and newly-cast Russophiles alike.

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Media Reviews

"Magnificent detail!, meticulous research...Bobrick's thoughtful and comprehensive book, with its focus on the region's political, economic and diplomatic role in Russia's destiny, will reward any reader."

The Wall Street Journal

"Well-written, vastly informative history of a largely unknown land... Powerful and moving — it's difficult to imagine a book that could say much more about Siberia, or say it better."

— Kirkus Reviews

"A monstrous and marvelous tale."

— New York Newsday

"A magnificent saga."

— Publisher's Weekly

"A panoramic history of Siberia... Brims with interesting anecdotes and insights...Impressive."

— Washington Post Book World

"Vividly detailed history...compelling."

— Philadelphia Inquirer

"Narrative history on a grand scale, reflecting the sweep of events but rich in personal detail... Fascinating... A triumph."

Morning News Tribune (Tacoma, WA)

"As a reference this book will prove unmatched and reading it is a rewarding pleasure."

San Gabriel Valley Tribune

"Bobrick forges a heroically clear narrative through four centuries of Siberian history."


"A book that will stand for years as the most intelligent and suitably sweeping account."


"A huge and finely-constructed story, filled with fact and description, which moves with a pace almost akin to the American Wild West sagas."

Western Mail

"Enthralling... Gripping detail...All the material is there for films of epic proportions."

Daily Examiner

About the Author

Benson Bobrick received his doctorate from Columbia University and is the author of fourteen books. His work has been translated into ten languages, and in 2002 he received the Literature Award of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He lives in Vermont.

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