May 29, 2017

Countdown to Departure

Countdown to Departure

Just over two months have passed since we successfully closed the crowdfunding campaign for The Children of 1917. Nearly 300 backers supported the Kickstarter project, and, since the close, dozens more have pre-ordered copies of the book or film. Thank you, all!

In addition, we are happy to announce that Raiffeisen Bank has joined our project as a sponsor, helping us come within striking distance of the budget we need to research, write, edit and publish this book and film, and to put on exhibits in the US and Russia.

So, what have we been doing on the project these past two months?

Mainly research and preparation. Research on the history that swirled around the people we will be interviewing, and on the cities and towns where they lived.

We have also been doing lots of work to track down interview subjects, making initial contact, and sketching out an itinerary.

And, as you can see, we have set up the blog for the trip. 

We will have two long trips this summer, traveling around Russia and the realms of its former empire, interviewing our subjects and their families. The first trip will begin, appropriately, on Russia's Independence Day, June 12. The second is set for early August into September.

With our departure less than two weeks off, we are gathering up the final bits of equipment and supplies we need (Lavalier mic, check! Raincoat, check! Mosquito repellant, check! Replacement collapsing teacup, check!)

Until June!


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