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Tuesday, September 13, 2016


by Alexander Gaivoron

Name: Alexander Gaivoron

Age: 29

Profession: Teacher of Technical Studies

City: Kamchatka

How long have you been doing photography? What style or genre most interests you? About 10 years. Documentary photography and portraits.

Can you give us a short description of your region? Where is it located? What is it famous for?

Kamchatka is special in that this northern region is located on earth that is aboil. Volcanoes surround you. Fast, mountain rivers. Fish industry. And a very active tourist business. The region is close to nature. You will often meet representatives of the animal world while walking around this part of the world. 

Even though Kamchatka is a peninsula, its only connection to the mainland is via airplane or boat.

What is something about your region that only locals would know?

According to ancient legend, the ancestor of this land was a raven. 

Locals are used to the fact that bears prowl not too far away and have learned to live alongside them.

There are practically speaking no roads on Kamchatka, only directions... Along the coast, toward the glaciers, to the volcanoes. If you did not see bears and did not bathe in the Pacific Ocean, you were not on Kamchatka.

Which places or sites are a must for someone to see if they visit your region?

Volcanoes, rivers, hot springs, the Valley of the Geisers

Your Website:

Your Instagram: @gav_photo

  • Tent

    Hello everyone. One week ago we, Alexander and Anastasia, were married and we spent our pre-wedding trip was not in some warm place, but on Kamchatka. We'd like to share some photos from our trip with you.

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

  • Bird

    How do people find one another? We met through Instagram, and we would like to thank all Instagram creators. One spring day, while looking through random photos, we found each other... just a little over a year later, on September 5, we got married. Accidents are never accidental.

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

  • Plane view

    If you have not decided where to spend your summer vacation, consider Kamchatka, a land of wild nature, kind people, democratic prices, and emotions which will stay with you forever.

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

  • Waiting

    If you enjoy doing photography of real life, it's all there at Kamchatka airport. Fresh air, people and a camera in your hands. Go for it!

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

  • Sleeping

    Sergey was born on Kamchatka. After graduation he entered the Suvorov Military school, after finishing there, he wants to return to the Far East, specifically Ussuriisk. When on vacation he works as tutor and guide on Kamchatka excursions with his dog Deyzee, who protected us from real bears. Sergey has great and bright future.

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

  • Waves

    They say that people who do not go into the Pacific Ocean and do not see a bear in the wild, they have not truly been to Kamchatka. Even now we hear the sound of the peninsula's waves and the scary sounds of the master of taiga (the bear) approaching.

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

  • Laundry

    It is interesting how people put their linen out to dry in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The water on Kamchatka is rich with minerals, hydrogen sulphid, and radon. There are both natural and developed hot springs here.

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

  • Volcano

    Raven Kutkh Father of Kamchatka. Flying over the water, Kutkh ordered his son to become the land, then he put on his ski and went along the surface. Where he went, different ravines, caves,valleys appeared. And the high mountains were at the edges of the earth. Kutkh breathed his warmth into the mountains as everything was saved and not frozen. The Great Raven covered with mysterious smoke this country and left to the distant Arctic Ocean. All this is only folk legend, but sometimes you can see the raven over Kamchatka, flying high in the sky.

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

  • Cellphone

    As Kamchatka is a peninsula, the connection with mainland is mostly by water or air. People living there wake up 9 hours earlier than people in the capital. Business in Kamchatka region is primarily based on the sea, very similar to our native Sakhalin island.

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

  • Sun worshipper

    Kamchatka's mountains are painted by Mother Nature with grass, snow, and sand. It blows your mind. It reminds looks like cow hides. Courageous snowboarders can ride here all year round.

    Alexander Gaivoron / @gav_photo

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