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1. Russia Readies for More War

Russian president Vladimir Putin says that the armed forces need to shore up in case of some explosive international developments.

Tags: military, navy, putin, international relations
2. A Russian Answer to the Olympics?

Russia hosts a "rival" game this month in Kazan. 

Tags: international relations, kazan, olympics
3. More Russian Visa Centers Close

The two remaining Russian visa centers in the US have been closed. 

Tags: international relations, visas
4. Just Two Buddies, Hanging Out

Putin's recent trip to North Korea signifies a continued, but not surprising, turn from the West.

Tags: international relations, putin, north korea
5. Checkmate for the Russian Chess Federation

The Russian Chess Federation has been banned from international competition until 2026. 

Tags: international relations, chess
6. Deportations Double

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported dramatic increases in deportations and entry refusals. 

Tags: international relations, deportation, citizenship
7. Victory (Kinda) on Display

Russian diplomats recently perused a display of captured Western equipment brought from Ukraine to Moscow.

Tags: international relations, military, war in ukraine
8. A Dismal Year for Gazprom

The Russian gas giant showed record losses in 2023.

Tags: statistics, international relations, russia file, economy
9. "Bandit Greetings" to the Oppositionist

In Lithuania, an unidentified assailant attacked Alexei Navalny's ally with a hammer.

Tags: russia file, espionage, international relations, politics, dissent
10. Russia Tricks Foreigners into Fighting in Ukraine, Again

Indian authorities uncovered a human trafficking network that tricked its citizens into fighting for Russia in Ukraine.

Tags: human trafficking, war in ukraine, men, international relations, russian military

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 62

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