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1. Azov, a New Terror?

While resisting Russian forces in the invasion of Ukraine, the Azov Regiment has been declared a terrorist organization by the Russian Supreme Court. 

Tags: terrorism, anti-terrorist laws, donbass, vladimir putin, militia, war in ukraine
2. A Brief History of Political Insults

News of Russian courts punishing people for what they write or comment online is no longer anything out of the ordinary.

Tags: law, anti-terrorist laws, politics
3. Ballooning of strict laws, and ballooning of a hot air balloon

Adventure takes many forms. There's regular travel, round-the-world travel, and navigating the Russian legal system. Also beards. 

Tags: russia, anti-terrorist laws, adventure, kremlin, putin, turkey, erdogan
By Alice E.M. Underwood

Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3

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