September/October 2011

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In Tolstoy's Footsteps

One hundred and twenty-five years ago, Lev Tolstoy made the first of several walking journeys from Moscow to Tula – a distance of nearly 200 kilometers. A pair of Americans retrace the great writer’s journey, in a considerably different Russia.

Rights of Single Fathers

A group of divorced Russian men have banded together to battle for equal child custody rights. The Russian legal system, they say, is stacked against them, and they have no intention of surrendering. We meet them and hear their side of the story.

Stenka Razin and the Russian State

Praised in Russian folklore, Stepan Razin reigns as Russia’s most memorable and popular rebel. On the 340th anniversary of the Cossack-led uprising, a noted historian considers the lessons of Razin for the Russian state.

Long Term Expats

There is a certain breed of expatriate in Russia who puts down deep roots and seems destined never to return home. Perhaps it is because, whether they admit it or not, Russia is now their home. We meet five American long-term expats whose ?stories reveal as much about them as about the attractive mystery that Russia exudes.

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