September/October 2009

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Moscow to Vladivostok

Few trips anywhere in the world rival the Trans-Siberian Railway. A six-day, seven-night, 9250 kilometer-long trip across the girth of the world’s largest country, it is also, as novelist Peter Aleshkovsky found, a trip into Russia’s past.

Baron Shafirov's Finest Hour

Baron Peter Shafirov was a little-known hero of Russian diplomacy who also happened to be a Jew converted to Orthodoxy. He helped guide statecraft under Peter the Great, was richly rewarded and, later, soundly vilified, his in-and-out-of-favor career reflecting the tumultuous times in which he lived.

Warm Music of Uryanhai

The mountainous, remote region of Tuva tends to be known for just two things:?postage stamps and throat singing. We take up the latter in our visit with four internationally renowned throat singers from Tuva, to find out what makes them tick... and sing.

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