November/December 2005

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A World Apart

For 70 years, the Moscow Metro has pulsed below the surface of the capital, transporting workers and visitors, shoppers and students between stations that look more like palaces than public transport sites.

Target 8255: The Strangely Lucky Flight of Mathias Rust

Nearly 20 years after Mathias Rust landed his Cessna near Red Square, the full story of his flight can be told. In Rust’s first extensive interview about his flight, he recounts amazing details of the event that forever changed the world’s perception of the Soviet Union.

A Southern City By the Sea

Had the tide of history turned just a bit differently, Taganrog could have become Russia’s new capital instead of St. Petersburg. Take a visit to this sleepy southern town on the Sea of Azov.

Searching for Slavkas

Chess champions and Russia go together like blini and caviar. Or so it used to be. Russia’s chess world is in crisis after some humiliating losses. What is the next move?

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