May/June 2013

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The Siberian Tea Road

The Great Siberian Tea Road, a historic and legendary route that once connected China and Siberia with European Russia, was one of the world’s longest trade arteries. We retrace its path, geographically and culturally.

Exiled Cartoonist

From 1923 to 1941 Russian émigré Georgy Sapozhnikov was the most famous political cartoonist in Asia, applying his talent and perceptiveness to issues domestic and international.

Romanov Secrets

Any family with immense power and possessions breeds secrets and scandals. Many of the Romanov family’s secrets will never be known, yet three at least are more or less clear.

The Kauai Gambit

In the early 1800s, while Napoleon raged in Europe, a German doctor and a local chieftan hatched an audacious plan: claim the Hawaiian islands for Russia.

The Lure of Elbrus

Each year, thousands of hikers are drawn to the Caucasus, convinced it will be no problem to scale Europe’s highest peak. After all, it’s only 18,510 feet, and a rail car can take you up to the base camp at 12,500 feet. But Elbrus is a devious mountain.

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