March/April 2013

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State of the Wards

Russia's ban on American adoptions focused attention on Putin and world politics, while the real issue is the plight of the children who live inside the vast orphan system.

Sausage in Exile

There is a common saying: "If you want to respect laws or sausages, don't watch them being made." Yet in this case (Alef Sausage, in Chicago IL), the more you watch, the hungrier you get.

The Scariest Year

Few know that, in 1983, the world came closer to the nuclear brink than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis, thanks to a combination of ideological entrenchment, fear, and computer glitches.

Koryak Cultural Loss

At the furthest edge of the Russian Far East, in a quiet bay near the very top of the Kamchatka Peninsula, a tiny community of Koryaks struggles with the loss of its traditional culture.

Russian Alaska

Meanwhile, just across the Bering Sea, pockets of Russian culture predating Alaska’s sale to the US are being captured in a new documentary.

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