January/February 2011

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    The Cunning Russian Boom

    By any measure, Russia has a lot coming down the pike that would seem to augur better ties with the West.

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    Letters to the Editor

    Readers comment and correct.

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    Note Book

    Russia Plays Ball

    Russia nabbed the World Cup in 2018. Will it be ready in time? How much will it all cost?

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    Note Book


    All the news that fits from all across Russia.

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    Note Book

    Ivan v. Migalka

    It seems like every week there are new, jaw-dropping events related to the infamous "migalka" - those flashing blue lights atop official vehicles that allow their drivers to flaunt all driving rules. We look at the phenomenon, plus consider two new Russian car lines.

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    Travel Notes

    Travel Notes

    The latest from the travel front.

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    Russian Calendar

    Freeing the Serfs

    150 years ago, everyone knew the serfs had to be freed, but no one knew how to do it without provoking unrest or revolution. But Alexander II went ahead anyway. Sort of...

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    Russian Calendar

    Modigliani and Akhmatova in Paris

    We know comparatively little about the relationship between Akhmatova and Modigliani, but sometimes a few pictures can speak volumes.

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    Russian Calendar

    Pushkin Evenings at the Petrograd House of Writers

    In the winter of 1921, conditions could hardly have been worse in St. Petersburg, which may be why local intelligentsia turned to Pushkin and literature for consolation.

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    Survival Russian

    Survival Japanese

    Where columnist Mikhail Ivanov considers the influence of Japanese on Russian language and slang.

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    Trekking Baikal

    Winter offers unique travel opportunities to Russia, particularly when it comes to Siberia. For instance, how about a trek across the world’s largest freshwater lake? Or ice skating atop crystal clear waters, then enjoying a searing banya...?

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    Baikal and Irkutsk a Century Ago

    An excerpt from George Kennan's famous diary of his travels across Siberia, Tent Life in Siberia, in which he finds out he is not so fluent in Russian as he thought he was.

    History Travel
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    Atherton's Russians

    One hundred years ago, one of America’s most popular novelists was Gertrude Atherton, a widow from San Francisco. And she had an enduring fascination with Russians and Russian America...

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    Stalin's Highrises

    Anyone visiting Moscow knows about the city’s famous “Seven Sisters.” But few know that there were supposed to be eight. That is just one little-known aspect of their fascinating architectural history. We asked a noted urban historian to tell us more

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    The End of Russian Animation?

    If the artists themselves are to be believed, Russian animation is in its death throes. After barely surviving the turmoil of the Soviet breakup, this beloved art form can no longer count on state support, nor can it embrace advertising, making its future uncertain at best.

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    Angels in the Kitchen

    Our series in the Cuisine section about the interaction of the culinary and visual arts continues with columnist Darra Goldstein's consideration of Pavel Filonov's "Angels by the Stove." And the recipe? Black bread!

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    Under Review

    Siberia, Emigration, Gorky and Georgia

    Reviews of: Stalina, by Emily Rubin; Travels in Siberia, by Ian Frazier; Childhood, by Maksim Gorky; Balancing Act, by Natasha Borzilova; and the film Russian Lessons.

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    Post Script

    The Problem is Not Censorship

    The beating of journalist Oleg Kashin in November has led many to once again focus on the state of Russian journalism. Guest columnist Alexey Kovalev considers another side of the issue.

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    Uchites 10: Anna Akhmatova

    This issue's language insert, sponsored by the Russkiy Mir Foundation, uses the Calendar piece on Akhmatova and Modigliani as its take-off point. The insert can be downloaded as a PDF at the Uchites page on our website.

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