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1. So Long to Kate

The Ukrainian city of Odesa has taken down its statues of Catherine the Great, marking a break from its Russian past.

Tags: memory, Odessa, catherine the great
2. Ukraine Invasions and Justifications: Catherine the Great Got There First

An illustrated history that draws parallels between a potential invasion of Ukraine today and Catherine the Great’s occupation and annexation of Crimea in the late 1700s.

Tags: illustrations, Russo-Turkish War, Vladimir Putin, Ukraine, Grigory Potemkin, Catherine the Great, Crimea
3. Catherine the Great Wants You to Get Vaccinated

Catherine the Great's injunction to get vaccinated has recently emerged from a private collection.

Tags: vaccine, smallpox, macdougall's, auction, Catherine the Great
4. Unusual Russian Dishes and VR Films

“This dish is eaten in almost every home. I don’t understand Russian people’s tastes at all.”

- Chinese blogger on herring under a fur coat, one of six items he listed as unusual Russian dishes

Tags: russian cuisine, Catherine the Great
5. A Russian Gift

A look at how the Jesuits, Pope Francis, and Georgetown University all share an interesting connection to Russia.

Tags: Belarus, catholicism, religion, Catherine the Great, jesuits
6. #TBT Russian Architecture's Master

283 years ago today, Vassily Bazhenov was born. Russian architecture would never be the same.

Tags: Catherine the Great, moscow, architecture
7. Too Much Catherine, Not Enough Greatness

Two reviewers evaluate Catherine the Great through a gender and a storytelling lens.

Tags: Anna, Paul I, potemkin, Catherine the Great
By Tiffany Zhu
8. Meat, Choppers, and Catherine the Great

A wrap up of the news and news-like items from in and around Russia.

Tags: sports, vodka, travel, Catherine the Great
9. Odessa's Underground

In which we explore the cats, catacombs, and contraband of a Russian imperial port.

Tags: Catherine the Great, cats, babel, jews, jewish, trade, black sea, russian empire, Ukraine
10. The Tsarina's Pen

Catherine the Great was a prolific letter writer and her missives offer a uniquely intimate view of her personal life and political development (to say nothing of her humor and passion).

Tags: letters, history, potemkin, catherine the great

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 13

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