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How to Properly Accept Bribes
May 28, 2017

How to Properly Accept Bribes

By Yulia Bogatko

This is a short extract from a satirical book published in 1837, from which we learn: what sorts of bribes there are; why it is better to take a bribe during lunch; why gaudy is better than a bullfinch; the language in which one should speak of bribes; and how to avoid punishment for receiving bribes.

Why is This Cab Glowing?
September 15, 2013

Why is This Cab Glowing?

By Masha Egupova

After a deadly tsunami hit Japan in 2011, followed by the nuclear tragedy in Fukushima, the port of Vladivostok received a number of radioactive cars. Two years later, radioactive car parts are still arriving in Russia. Outrageously, Russian customs authorities have had to detain and send back to Japan over 930 radioactive cars since 2011.

Publishing for Kids
November 01, 2012

Publishing for Kids

By Lada Bakal

Vadim Meshcheryakov was halfway through a successful career as a banker when he gave it all up to publish children's books. But not just any children's books.

What Would Steve Do?
October 05, 2011

What Would Steve Do?

By Paul E. Richardson

How to explain the feeling of sadness and loss that overcame me, as it did many others at hearing the new of Steve Job's death? I think it is simply that we have lost a visionary, a modern prophet, someone who changed the way we see the world. And when the world loses someone like that, especially when they are so young, it feels like the world has lost a bit of its future...

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