September 20, 2008

Russian Folklore

Russian Folklore
An Anthology of Russian Folk Epics
An Anthology of Russian Folk Epics

James Osler Bailey, Tatyana Avanova (Editor)

Paperback, 1st ed., 464pp.
Sharpe, M.e., Inc.
May 1999

Encyclopedia of Russian
and Slavic Myth and Legend

Mike Dixon-Kennedy

Hardcover, 392pp.
A B C-CLIO, Inc.
December 1998

Russian Gypsy Tales
Russian Gypsy Tales

James Riordan (Translator)
A. Gessler (Compiler)

Paperback, 160pp.
Interlink Publishing Group, Inc.
November 1992

Russian Fairy Tales

Alexander Nikolayevi Afanasyev

Paperback, 661pp.
Pantheon Books
June 1976

Russian Folk BeliefRussian Folk Belief
Linda J. Ivanits Sophie Schiller (Illustrator)
Foreword by Felix J. Oinas

Paperback, 257pp.
Sharpe, M.e., Inc.
June 1992


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