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Tuesday, December 13, 2016


by Yulia Sulzhenko

Name: Yulia Sulzhenko

Age: 38

Profession: Construction Engineer

City: Tyumen

How long have you been doing photography? 10 years

What style or genre most interests you? Street, landscape, portrait, documentary.

Can you give us a short description of your city? Where is it located? What is it famous for? Tyumen is the largest oblast in Russia. Tyumen the city is the capital of western Siberia. According to legend, it was founded in 1586 by Yermak.

What are some things that only locals would know about the city?

  1. During WWII, Lenin's body was evacuated her from Moscow.
  2. Grigory Rasputin was born in the village of Pokrovsky, just 80km from Tyumen.
  3. Tyumen was the first Russian city in Siberia.
  4. Tyumen is Russia's oil and gas capital.

Which places or sites are a must for someone to see if they visit your city?

  1. Hot thermal springs
  2. Lover's Bridge and the Tura River embankment.
  3. Tsvetnoy Boulevard
  4. The Tyumen Bolshoy Dramatic Theater

Instagram: photogella


  • Flood

    Tyumen is located on the banks of the Tura river, which flows into the Tobol. Yermak's conquest of the Siberian khanate began from Tura. They say there are no fish in the river, which is 80-200 meters wide and 6 meters deep. Girls play on a flooded section of the embankment.
    Yulia Sulzhenko | @photogella

  • Lada

    Lada cars are still everywhere.

    Yulia Sulzhenko | @photogella

  • Working

    Along the river.

    Yulia Sulzhenko | @photogella

  • Play

    Playing outside once the weather is warmer.

    Yulia Sulzhenko | @photogella

  • Swimming

    You have to get your laps in, even in Tyumen.

    Yulia Sulzhenko | @photogella

  • More Winter

    It just goes on and on in Siberia.

    Yulia Sulzhenko | @photogella

  • Winter

    Snow. Icicles. The usual thing.

    Yulia Sulzhenko | @photogella

  • Lenin

    There are many interesting episodes in Tyumen history concerning Lenin. During the war, his body was evacuated to here from Moscow. His sarcophagus arrived in Tyumen on July 10, 1941 and was stored in the building of the agricultural college. In addition, in 1979 the tallest bronze monument honoring Lenin – 15.5 meters – was constructed in Tyumen.

    Yulia Sulzhenko | @photogella

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