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1. Sign of Spring

A villager, shod in felt boots, carries an oil portrait of Communist leader Vladimir Lenin.

Tags: village, Lenin
2. Echoes of Lenin in Finland

A journey to Finland reveals an overlooked chapter of Russian history.

Tags: lenin, finland, war in ukraine
3. Statues, Beer, and Prison Heads

Our bimonthly roundup of news on Russia most others missed.

Tags: kaliningrad, art, prison, baikal, lenin
4. Lenin Claus Is Coming to Town

A delightful Soviet winter tale about children, a big holiday tree, and the true meaning of Christmas: communism.

Tags: Christmas, holiday, New Year, lenin, children
5. Philosophy Baddie: Detective Lenin Closes the Case

Formerly an editor of “glossy publications,” Russian writer and editor Alexei Korolev has released his debut novel, Death of Pure Reason. The novel’s “hero” is one Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov.

Tags: detective novel, hero, historical novel, lenin, book review, novel
6. Famine and Relief

In 1921, Russia was in a catastrophic state. Famine raged, and American aid proved crucial to the nation's survival.

Tags: Hoover, Lenin, ARA, 1920s, famine
7. New Economic Policy

In the Soviet era, NEP had always been regarded as a strange, only vaguely understood, and not very sensible chapter in Soviet history: a pause between the heroic Civil War and the no less heroic Five-Year Plans.

Tags: economy, soviet era, lenin, nep
8. City Spotlight: Barnaul

A carjacking museum, Soviet statues, and Hollywood letters: let's take a closer look at one of Russia's best-hidden gems, the city of Barnaul. 

Tags: lenin, Altai, medicine, food, cars, barnaul
9. War Communism Sputters

War Communism was on the ropes in the fall of 1920. What's a dictator to do?

Tags: NEP, communism, Lenin
10. Cave Bears, Corruption, and Life on Venus

This week, education is worth fighting for; corrupt officials go for all-or-nothing; and Lenin's mausoleum makeover is cancelled.

Tags: architecture, space, corruption, bears, lenin, Siberia, education

Displaying: 1 - 10 of 27

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