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Title Review Links

22 Russian Crosswords
By Mikhail Ivanov

93 Untranslatable Russian Words
By Natalia Gogolitsyna

A Taste of Russia ~ 30th Anniversary Edition
By Darra Goldstein

At the Circus (Bilingual)
By Alexander Kuprin
Translated by Lise Brody

Bears in the Caviar
By Charles W. Thayer

The Best of Russian Life (Vol. 1)

The Best of Russian Life (Vol. 2)

Chtenia 30: Science Fictions

Davai! The Russians and Their Vodka
By Edwin Trommelen
Translated by David Stephenson and Nora Favorov

Driving Down Russia's Spine
By Paul E. Richardson

East of the Sun
By Benson Bobrick

Faith & Humor: Notes from Muscovy
By Maya Kucherskaya
Translated by Alexei Bayer

Fearful Majesty: The Life and Reign of Ivan the Terrible
By Benson Bobrick

Fish: A History of One Migration
By Peter Aleshkovsky
Translated by Nina Shevchuk Murray

The Frogs Who Begged For A Tsar
By Ivan Krylov
Translated by Lydia Razran Stone

Jews in Service to the Tsar
By Lev Berdnikov
Translated by Nora Favorov

The Latchkey Murders
By Alexei Bayer

Life Stories: Original Fiction by Russian Authors
By Ludmila Ulitskaya, et al

The Little Golden Calf
By Ilya Ilf & Evgeny Petrov
Translated by Anne O. Fisher

The Little Humpbacked Horse
By Pyotr Yershov
Translated by Lydia Razran Stone

Marooned in Moscow
By Margeurite Harrison

Moscow and Muscovites
By Vladimir Gilyarovsky
Translated by Brendan Kiernan

The Moscow Eccentric
By Andrei Bely
Translated by Brendan Kiernan

Murder and the Muse
By Alexei Bayer

Murder at the Dacha
By Alexei Bayer

The Pet Hawk of the House of Abbas
By Dmitry Chen
Translated by Liv Bliss

Red Star Tales

Russian Rules
By Paul E. Richardson

The Spine of Russia
By Paul E. Richardson and Mikhail Mordasov

Stargorod: A Novel in Many Voices
By Peter Aleshkovsky
Translated by Nina Shevchuk Murray

Survival Russian
By Mikhail Ivanov

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