Sponsor Journalists

Sponsor Journalists

Because good stories are not free...

For over 30 years, freelance writers and photographers have sent Russian Life stories from all across this huge country. Now, these journalist's very life and subsistence are at risk from Russia's authoritarian regime.

To that end, we established the Russian Life Journalism Fund. It:

  • funds the work of anonymous, independent, freelance journalists working inside Russia (where now few foreign journalists dare to tread);
  • enables writers and photographers to travel to further flung regions, to stay longer, to capture more;
  • publishes these stories in Russian Life magazine (and online).

Please consider making a donation to this fund and helping us support brave, independent Russian journalists in these difficult times.


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Russian Life is a publication of a 30-year-young, award-winning publishing house that creates a bimonthly magazine, books, maps, and other products for Russophiles the world over.

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