Sponsor Journalists

Sponsor Journalists

Because good stories are not free...

For over 20 years, freelance writers and photographers have sent Russian Life stories from all across this huge country. Most often, these freelancers have traveled on their own dime, hoping to sell us (and others) a story to cover their time and expenses. 

We want to change this. We feel our fine writers and photographers deserve more. 

To that end, we established the Russian Life Journalism Fund. It:

  • grants money to freelance journalists and photojournalists for travel and research expenses, so that they do not have to cover these costs out of their own pockets;
  • enables writers and photographers to travel to further flung regions, to stay longer, to capture more;
  • publishes these stories exclusively in Russian Life magazine (and online).

The good news is that this move, which we are certain will bring even better journalism to the magazine, will not require gargantuan resources. Honestly, we could not have kept this magazine alive for 25 years without knowing how to do a lot with a little. This means even a modest contribution to the fund will go a very long way to helping create better journalism, more interesting articles, in sharing Russia's stories with the world.

What is more, you also can receive special gifts and benefits for making donations to this fund:

Donation Special Gift or Benefit
$25+ Recognition on the website 
$50+ Recognition, plus a free copy of The Bilingual Map of Russia and the Republics 
$150+ Recognition, plus a free copy of the book, Driving Down Russia's Spine 
$250+ Recognition, plus a free copy of The Spine of Russia coffee table book 



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