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1. All Hail the Centenarians of Moscow

The deputy mayor of Moscow claims that Moscow is home to over 1000 centenarians. 

Tags: centenarians, soviet history, Moscow
2. "Freedom, Poverty, Lawlessness": Russians Remember the 1990s

Russians describe the 90s in three words.

Tags: soviet history, nostalgia, 1990s
3. Standing the Test of Time

A conservative State Duma deputy called for the removal of The Gulag Archipelago from the Russian school curriculum.

Tags: gulag, russian literature, soviet history, school, solzhenitsyn
4. Art and Punishment

Unearthed archival documents show that Vladimir Putin investigated a dissident artist as a junior KGB agent in Leningrad.

Tags: protest, soviet history, art, putin
5. Don't Forget Your Flowers and Bows

Last week, Russian children gathered for the Day of Knowledge on September 1. It is quite the spectacle.

Tags: soviet history, children, school, September 1, day of knowledge

Displaying: 1 - 5 of 5

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